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Hotel Ateneo Sevilla

Junior Suite Deluxe

On the first floor you'll find our grandiose, Deluxe Junior Suite in all its splendour. This is the hotel's most luxurious room. It is a true wonder of unique design and decoration, conceived under the auspices of the sublime use of wood in its each and every corner, giving the room a refined, exclusive atmosphere that is capable of astounding you from the moment you decide to cross its threshold and immerse yourself in the incomparable setting of exceptional magnificence it offers.

Its unrivalled arrangement at the main facade of the building grants it the unique privilege of having all this section's large windows. These windows overlook the adjacent Plaza de San Andrés where the fragrant orange blossom trees emerge from its landscape, offering visitors the opportunity to dive into the extraordinary world of the aromatic contrasts that inundate the city at different points of the year. What's more, you can even be a direct participant in this unrivalled, wonderful sensory experience from your hotel room.

This impressive room stretches over an area of 65m². Within this living space, you will find gorgeous, extravagant furniture (many pieces are antiques) which has been selected and carefully arranged to help create the ideal setting for an unbeatable evening event. It is worth mentioning that this is the only room in the hotel to have its own relaxation area, with this room being completely independent to the sitting room. The classic-line bed is adorned with sheer, Egyptian cotton sheets and a unique crown in the upper part of its distinguished Baroque-style headboard, with this being the standout feature. At the same time, the room's wooden ceiling maintains the Mudejar architectural design that characterises the establishment's different rooms. This ceiling also has a large, classic lamp suspended from it in the central area.

Furthermore, if there is one main reason this particular room is different to others, it is down to the standout feature it boasts in the sitting room: a spectacular, Neo-Gothic library carved with mahogany wood. Here, you will find more than 800 books in different languages, forming the room's perimeter. This space's double height awards it an impressive appearance and differentiates it exponentially from the other rooms available at this hotel.

After a long day of numerous activities in your host city, the two bathrooms available in this room become the ideal places to recuperate and enjoy a well-deserved moment of serenity. They will provide you with the degree of relaxation needed to recharge your batteries and the perfect way to take advantage of that well-earned rest. In turn, this allows you to continue exploring each and every one of the magical corners in the city's impressive historic quarter, waiting patiently to be discovered by keen visitors to the capital of Andalusia.